Living out the tagline, »Express yourself«, to the fullest is the haitian-born photographer and model, Jean Cardi Cacique : This fierce model, photographer, blogger, designer, you name it, has been into fashion since he went to kindergarten wearing two different shoes- one red white and one black. Jean Cardi is what he goes by in the fashion business while he saves the slighty longer Jean-Jacques Christophe Cardinal Cacique for his passport

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In 2009, Jean Cardi signed with Basic CPH and since he has worked for Butterflies & Hurricanes, Nobody CPH, Fandango Film, Christophe V. Dolcerocca, DR Drama, Zentropa, Wella Professionals, Deluca Film, Københavns Film- og Fotoskole, DR Fiktion, Sony Music, Frame, M2 Film, Medieskolerne Viborg, Toolbox Film, Miso Film, Minga BerlinAmmentorp Photography, Iben RavnProjekt Beatnik, Søren Solkær Starbird, U Itch I Scratch, Raw Casting etc. 


Model Triangeln Shoppingcenter

Extra Unibet commercial

Model E-boks

Actor L.O.C. music video

Photo Trip Berlin